Black Sand Beach

direct access to the beach

The Mari del Sud Resort sits in the ‘Baia di Ponente’, also known as ‘Black Sand Beach’, one of the two bays the island is famous for. The contrast between the black volcanic sand, turquoise blue sea and surrounding greenery makes this beach an enchanting and unique spot. The terrace restaurant, with its breathtaking view of the whole bay and spectacular sea stacks, is a great venue for afternoon and evening events organized by our staff.


Volcanic experiences on your doorstep

Take a walk along the narrow streets lined with stalls and delightful little shops, and after about 10 minutes you’ll come to another famous beach: the ‘Baia di Levante’, renowned for its lighter, extremely fine sand. With bubbling water pools caused by gas leaking from the seabed, it’s also known as the ‘hot springs.’ A terrific natural jacuzzi.


On the southern shore of the island is ‘Spiaggia dell’ Asino’ (Donkey Beach), accessible by sea and by land. Lapped by crystal clear waters, the beach has all the facilities you need. A short distance away is ‘Spiaggia di Gelso’ (Gelso Beach) named after the homonymous village with a lovely seashore and pier near the old lighthouse.